Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finals Week

My room has been transformed into a writer’s sanctuary.
It already has the feeling of a psychologist’s room with it’s calming brown and olive green walls. A large tan couch waits for a meaningful conversation and my pictures hang on the walls. Maybe it has something to do with the fact my sister wants to be a psychologist? Who knows.

Today I have a 7-essay final to write and I’ve shut myself in my room until I finish. The final isn’t due until 5:00pm, so I have six and a half hours to write all about history and world civilizations from 1500-present. It’s been a fascinating class, but trying to sum everything into a couple pages feels daunting. Can I just write a dissertation? Please?

Some of my topics:
1. Do you believe in the concept of progress? Depending on your response to the previous question, does the twentieth century represent the death of the notion of progress or the proof that progress is possible?
2. Drawing from three areas (East Asia, India and Europe) define and explain nationalism, and compare/contrast how nationalism operated in different areas and among different people.
3. Why was the twentieth century the world’s bloodiest? What light do science and art shed on this question?

So yes, I’ve found ample amount of blankets, a good supply of music and a whole plate of yummy goodies. I don’t plan to come out until I’ve finished my opus. Shhhh.....writer in progress.

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Anonymous said...


It's amazing, my final history essay has the same questions as yours :) I was wondering if you could give me your ideas about these questions?