Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear International Community,

Your liberalistic pursuits led to the promotion of your self interests while stripping us of our right to protectionism and economic sovereignty. Now our unemployed farmers sit and rot while our children starve and our women’s jobs our outsourced. Thanks Chiquita and Dole for monopolizing the banana industry and wiping out our last remaining competitive market. Thanks IMF for your loan which handcuffed us and forces us to let you dump your goods in our public sector; undercutting our farmers and stealing our jobs. Your sterile Free Zones leech off our desperate labor force and exploit an already crippled system. Your vicious legacy of neo-mercantilism and colonialism continues in an even more subtle and dangerous way than your ancestors could have imagined. We have the resources you need and you have the power to keep us in your web of dependence and disadvantage. We watch as globalization and “modernization” destroy our economy and can do nothing. The modern world continually spins on, wrapped in imperialism and greed.


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