Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...A Time to Blog

The wind curled around the moss-covered trees and threatened to freeze any poor soul not bundled in countless layers of jackets. It carried the distinct aroma of freshly brewed coffee and wood smoke. Sleeping campers woke and, bleary-eyed and bed-headed, stumbled over to the main campsite for caffinated sustinence and sugary cinamon rolls. Perfect.

Santa Cruz is gorgeous. Freezing cold, but absolutely gorgeous.

We spent two days there, camping and surfing...and with the help of a wetsuit, coffee and a suburban, we managed to stay warm and have an *incredible* time. The waves were p-e-r-f-e-c-t and nearly everyone caught at least a couple waves. The water was gentle and powerful, propelling surfers towards shore in a beautiful dance of balance and timing. Ahh! So much fun.

Since I was surfing, I don't have any surfing pictures....but these will have to do. :)

More later...

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