Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random things about today...

"I'm at a loss for words,
So lost in love.
I'm sweetly broken.
Wholly surrender."

After a (incredible) day at Great America, I woke up this morning to discover I was so sunburned my collarbone/shoulders had swelled in the night.

At work I got a strange phone call:
"I didn't want to ask you in front of anyone...but are you single?"

Earlier, a co-worker had asked me if my husband and I were going to do anything special for my mom on Mother's Day. My husband!?! Goodness. After realizing the reason behind his conclusion, I explained what a promise ring was and why I always wore one. "Ah, so it's a religious thing" he deducted. Mmm, sort of, Nick. Sort of.

Talked with an incredibly amazing friend until 12:30am.

Determined to spend a good while tomorrow with tea and snuggling with my mom.

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