Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quiet thinking...

My words feel bare and exposed.

My thoughts and emotions seem vulnerable on this screen. I don't want to write tonight. I don't want to expose my mind or feelings tonight. My words will get carried away and my sentences will betray me. Yet, I feel I must write. Words, thoughts, poetry, swirls of phrases and patterns creep out of me - especially when I'm upset and worried. I'll condem myself to insanity if I don't write, yet I condem myself to a level of regret if I do.

Today began with a wonderful lilt of warmth, song, beauty and power. It began with friends, glorious worship, laughter and love. Happiness. The warmth of a smile. The peaceful happiness eyes can share.

The day didn't end that way. But a person can choose to remember that warmth, that happiness, the quiet rhythm of joy.
I'm going to end here. Words are spinning 'round and 'round, but I'm going to stop here. There is a train honking in the distance; it's warning call ringing out through the night. The wind rustles through the glass chimes outside my bedroom window. It's peaceful. There can be peace in a storm.

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