Thursday, May 14, 2009


Is that not just gorgeous? Isn't it incredible? Yes. It is. And it's mine. *Mine!* And tomorrow, Sara, Mama and I are going to embark on a photo-shoot of epic proportions.

And now, I must really go to bed. The house is quiet. The crickets chirp. The night breeze plays at the window blinds. I love this time of night; I love the quiet, the atmosphere rich for thinking. Yet, I worked at Jamba Juice for a full 8 hours I am utterly exhausted. And! There's an exciting day waiting for me tomorrow. E-a-r-l-y tomorrow. And so, in my late night, delirious randomness, I leave you with this:

"But then there are the other times, when everything goes perfectly. You don't think. You don't concentrate. Every move unfolds effortlessly. You take the needle. You stick the chest. You feel the needle travel - a distinct glide through the fat, a slight catch in the dense muscle, then the subtle pop through the vein wall - and you're in. At such moments, it is more than easy; it is beautiful....Not everyone appreciates the attractions of surgery. When you are a medical student in the operating room for the first time, and you see the surgeon press the scalpel to someone's body and open it like fruit, you either shudder in horror or gape in awe. I gaped." -Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science (a little pre-bed, pre-birthday dessert reading. Bliss!)

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