Thursday, May 2, 2013


Part of picking yourself up by the bootstraps involves acquiring new goals and I have two: gain weight and get abs of steel by the end of the quarter. They might be completely contradictory, but there they are. Exercise and eat carbs. Judge away. 

A few days ago I discovered the Summer Abs 7-Day Challenge and I've been doubling up on it, doing each workout twice per day (hey, can't hurt, right?). HA! Hurts like crazy. I'm so sore I double over when I laugh. I need a little sign that says, "don't say anything funny...I'm recovering from intense V-ups". There are little videos with uber-fit people demonstrating the various crunches, along with these super cheesy encouragements. "There you go! Summer's right around the corner! Feeeeeel the burn." 

I'm feeling it. I'm also pretending like I can already see the faint outline of a six-pack. 

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