Friday, May 3, 2013

Johnny and Refugees

Sunshine streams through the window as I listen to Johnny Cash and apply for a job promotion. I'm rocking three jobs right now, but the promotion would mean I could trim that down to two next year. Fingers crossed, guys...the extra time and extra dinero would be a beautiful thing. 

Had an emotional morning with my refugees today. Goodbyes are always hard and while I know from day one that I only have a short time with them, I can never keep my heart out of my work. I've grown to love my group of 25 Iraqis and will miss them dearly. The past 8 weeks flew by too fast and our goodbyes turned a bit tearful as we hugged goodbye. I am *so* proud of them, so excited for them as they struggle to start their new lives...but oh, I'm going to miss them. We've shared coffee, laughs, tears, and political comparisons for two months and I consider them my friends.  In two weeks I'll get another group and the 8 weeks will start all over again. New faces, new starts, new relationships...but I'm going to miss these guys. How do teachers do this? 

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