Sunday, January 15, 2012

Unnamed Sister

I've been thinking and writing about my classes lately. I'm learning, discovering, exploring many new concepts and realities and I have to write about them. That's how I process.

Many times, my writings are rather dismal outpourings of a frustrated heart and restless mind. They're not cheery, but they're real. Real problems and real people.

And yet, I feel I want to preserve this blog as a slightly more upbeat place of expression. I therefore created a new blog: where I can write, rant, theorize, and post without hesitation for fear of readers' depression. Not that all on this blog is depressing and kleenex-worthy...but the world is full of tragedy as well as beauty, and I want to write about it. A lot.

Visit it if you want. It's mostly there for me, but it could easily become communal food for thought as well.

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