Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hermit's Secret

I've spent the last two days as a hermit.

Yesterday I didn't do my makeup, ate cereal all day, worked on scholarship apps and watched three movies. I did crunches and made a huge batch of cookies (seems counterproductive, I know). I didn't answer the door or my cellphone. I didn't even respond to texts.

Today was pretty similar, though the morning was spent at an orientation for my new job. But I came home, changed into my jammies, and holed up. I wrote letters to overseas friends. I watched the sun set over the ocean. I ignored the doorbell. I skyped with my mom. I took a nap. I rediscovered Loreena McKennitt. And I spent a lot of time thinking.

I've been doing a lot of intellectual consuming lately, but not much digesting. My classes are intense, challenging, fascinating, dark, cynical, and inspiring...but I haven't really processed what I'm reading and hearing. I liked just curling up in my big blue swivel chair and thinking. Or not thinking. Just being.

Hermits are onto something.

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