Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Failed Fashion

I was incredibly darling this morning, ifIdosaysomyself.

I was sporting knee-high leather boots from Spain, a flowy white camisole from Italy, a blue belt, and fun, sparkly Mediterranean beads. I even curled my hair a bit. Yeah, I was fashion herself. I spent plenty of time in the mirror admiring myself, telling myself how cute and international I was, and feeling my self-confidence swell to embarrassing levels.

But then I stepped outside and froze. I mean, frozefroze. Like, when did La Jolla turn into freaking Antarctica?

Sooooo, now I'm in my uggs and UCSD sweatshirt and officially not darling. Or cute. Or international.

I'm a grey blob...but I'm warm. That counts for a lot, I've decided. Warmth is where it's act. So! I've got my blue shades instead of my sexy blue belt...and I'm gonna go rock this freezing cold day. Kapow.


Anonymous said...

whaaaa? You mean you aren't sunbathing in oh-so-warm SoCal? That's what it shows in ALL the ads. ;)

Risa said...

you think you're sooo funny. *sigh* the ads lie. should be sued.