Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SD Happiness

I love San Diego. I love being here. I love the weather. I love the sunshine and beach air. I *don't* like not having my Sac people here. But I'm 100% in love with SD.

Today has been beautiful, in every sense of the word. The ocean breeze is gentle as it tousles my hair and I can't help but smiling as I walk around campus. MY campus! I explored the bus system, turned in an application for a tour-guide position (wouldn't that be fun!), am about to explore the bookstore and pick up my books, and tonight I'm hitting the gym with my uber cool roommates.

And I have animal cookies. Life is really, really good.



Joshua Scovil said...

Swweeet Risa :) well I was going to tell you how super cool it was breaking the MUN into country groups while I am no longer a baby delegate and now sitting in your old chair.....but that is totally not as cool as ocean breezzzes and SD lol Glad you are liking it down there and btw Im still planning on coming down to check it out so even if you dont get the tour guide job you can still practice on me!!

Risa said...

Wow! That's super exciting that you're already broken up into countries...isn't it a total blast? Did you already do committee assignments? You should totally come down - there's a ton to see!