Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today is my last day in Sacramento before I move to San Diego for (at least) the next two years. I feel that somehow my subconscience is already missing home because I had the saddest, most emotional dreams last night. Face after face, moment after moment, my dreams were filled with the people I love and whom I know I'm going to miss.

I received a touching letter, unconditional hugs, a smile from a tired face, and quiet encouragement. My dreams were a stream of beautiful experiences and memories - and now I sit and wonder, "was that real?" "Did that happen long ago?"

San Diego is going to be a dream in and of itself; my excitement is growing by the hour. And yet, the part of me that's in denial about leaving my home and friends is now invading even my dreams. Now I'm just waking up and I'm already nostalgic and missing people.

Oooo....today's going to be a long day.

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A Circle of Quiet said...

I would love your address, Risa. I am so excited for all that is ahead for you!!!

Go get 'em!