Monday, September 19, 2011

The Adventures of the Girls in 5202

The dorm is momentarily quiet and I'm snuggled up in our huge, blue, swivel-chair snatching a moment to write. The last couple days have been an exciting whirlwind of activities and I'm so madly in love with university life it's almost obsessive. I still can hardly believe I'm here, but instead of feeling like a tiny microbe in the vast UCSD ocean....I feel like I'm at home. Like I belong. I've made some amazing friends in the past couple days and suddenly I feel like I'm surrounded by people I've known for forever. It's a beautiful scenario of "friendship-at-first-sight".

So much has happened, I've got to post in bullets:
* In an outburst of boredom and friendliness, my roommate Lizzy and I decided to throw a beach bonfire party for our building. We went door to door introducing ourselves and inviting our neighbors to our bonfire which got us some strange glances, but mostly excited "yes!!"es. Through a series of unforeseen events, we ended up building our own fire-ring on the nearby nude beach (no lifeguards or police patrol nude beaches), watched a gorgeous sunset, and roasted s'mores under the dazzling La Jolla stars. There were probably 10 or 11 of us, and we laughed, shared stories, encouraged each other, and had an *amazing* time getting to know each other and becoming fast friends.

* Getting back from the beach and flopping at our dorm (5202!!) where we pulled out guitars and serenaded each other. American Pie, Hey There Delilah, country songs and Katy Perry....we're quite talented guitar players we discovered and might even try open-mic night at the campus pub. We'll see.

* Stealing a huge stuffed fish from our fellow non-frat friend during a crazy houseparty, and then crashing at 5203's room for scotch and philosophical conversation late into the night.

* Yesterday my longtime friend Kayla took me to a Padres game and Switchfoot concert at PETCO park. The Padres lost to the Diamondbacks (5 to 1), but the concert was incredible and we actually got to highfive Jon Foreman!! Front row seats at PETCO park are insane. :D

* Returned from the game/concert in time to get all dolled up for the all-campus UCSD dance under Sun God. We took roommate glamour shots, then 15 or so of our neighbors from 5203, 5206, 5101, and 8201 piled into our kitchen before heading down to Sun God to dance under the chilly stars. Firas and I were "dates" and had an awesome time laughing at the freshmen....they're such babies. We came back to the room to play speed and laugh 'till 2am.

* Tonight we're heading down to Homeplate Cafe for free food, then down to Price Center for a free movie, then back to our dorms for a magic show, then another free movie, and THEN and ice-cream social at 11pm.

* We girls made a bucket-list of things we have to do by the end of the year as 5202ers. It's brilliant...but I'll save it for a post of it's own.

* I'm officially "PB" and you have to say it with the low-voice shoutout at the end. P-BAY! I can thank a very drunk creeper at the campus pub for coining it, but now it's everyone's term of gangster endearment.

* Looking out my window every morning at the ocean. I'm awestruck every time I wake up.

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