Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chocolate and friends

I desperately needed chocolate today. It was beyond mere cravings; no, it became an all-consuming obsession that would not be stemmed.

So I made gooey ghirardelli brownies.

I needed a pan though, so I headed down the hall to Brian's dorm to borrow one (seriously, I love men who cook).
Later, when our kitchen was filled with the aroma of fresh-baked brownies, Manny from building 8 poked his head in and cut himself a corner. We burned our fingers on the molten chocolate.
As I helped myself to a piece, Matt next door texted with an invitation to share his freshly-brewed coffee. I scooped up another block of chocolatey decadence for him and headed over. He nibbled away on his brownie and I curled up on his couch sipping my steaming coffee and we talked about neuro-science and sociopsychology.

I love the constant flow of friends and casual conversation we engage in. Our door is always propped open, and I never know who's grinning face will appear in the doorframe. We have all perfected the art of gliding; someone will come in, sit down, share in a card game or guitar song or laugh or whatever's on the stove, we'll talk about something amusing or frustrating, and then they'll head out. And I do the same with their dorms. It's like a huge family.

I love us.

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steph said...

oh im jealous. our door is always open, however me and are friends are so loud, we kinda scare everyone away...