Sunday, June 6, 2010

Slime or smoke?

Our TV left today. The old armoir from France stands TV-less and silent. Empty.

Furniture has been rearranged. Chairs and tables re-situated and placed in creative and inventive new spots. One of my particular new favorites is our frontroom; a small table and two chairs from odd corners of the house managed to form a cozy little sitting place perfect for a "spot o' tea" or a musical splurge. Tonight I brought out the guitar and plucked happily away. Sara joined me and we harmonized for a while. Hillsong, Billy Joel, Train, Michael W. Smith. Mark snuggled up next to me with a deck of "would you rather...." cards, Ryan plopped down as well, and the four of us kids laughed together as we imagined the ridiculous scenarios.

Would you rather run a marathon in wooden shoes or swim across a lake of maple syrup?
Would you rather leave a trail of slime like a snail or a trail of smoke like an un-smogged car?
Would you rather have super-eyes or super-ears?
Would you rather eat a worm at every meal or have to lie perfectly still in a box of worms for an hour?

We sat around the little wooden table, sprawled over chairs and each other, imagining...weighing pros and cons...and laughing. It was beautiful.

So yes, our TV is permanently gone. But what better reason to break out the board games, pass the guitar around, tell stories, and laugh together?

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Mary: said...

Oh, tonight was indeed a healing and happy time! Thanks for the great post to remember the moment.