Saturday, June 26, 2010

Musical heartbeat

It's powerful. Surging. Pulsing. You can feeling it coursing through your veins. The beat of the drums echo your hearbeat. The deep chorus vibrates within you. You close your eyes. Submit.

Dance, honey. Just dance.

It takes a special song, a special kind of beat, a special kind of language, but I believe everyone has a musical heartbeat. You hear that song and you can't help but lift your hands and dance. Your hips sway. Your feet start to move. It's something natural, beautiful, innate. Unexplainable.

Last night my brother and I found that special song. He had been listening to it all day and when I came in to hug him goodnight, he just reached over and turned the speakers up. You don't need words to recognize your musical hearbeat. The song began, the beat intensified and he lifted his muscular arms and began to sway. I closed my eyes and we just swayed and danced together. How cool is that?! My brother is self-defined as "cool" and restricts himself to only very "cool" activites....but last night, nearing 1am, we both just danced.

Have you found your musical heartbeat? Have you found that song?

Have you just let go?