Monday, June 7, 2010

Room with a view


Yes!! That's the view!

This is the view looking down over San Francisco from UCSF's anatomy lab 13 stories high. But see, this is only a glimpse of one have to imagine an entire window-WALL.

I'm still reveling in the amazingness.

Which is why I have a self-proclaimed love of chemistry. Doctors must take gobs of chemistry classes. I want to be a doctor. I must take gobs of chemistry classes. Therefore I might as well like it.

Today's chemistry class...rocked.

And someday, after gobs of classes have been taken, I'll be able to stand at that window and call it my own... very own room with a view (plus cadavers).

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janelle said...

You GO Girl!!! I know it seems like a huge amount of school, and not exactly as you would have planned.... but GOD has a GREAT plan for you! I'm claimin' it for you Risa! Blessings and hugs!