Saturday, March 7, 2009


Staring up at the wooden doors three stories above me, I couldn't help but be a bit puzzled. Creaking hinges complained as rustic doors swung mid-air. No ladders, no life-saving platform, no nothing. Why three doors, and why there? Silence reigned and the answers remained elusive.

Staring up through the porthole of a WWII German Submarine sunk off the chilly Terschelling coast, I couldn't help but be fascinated. Covered in stubborn barnacles and the aging fingerprints of long-gone seaweed and coral, this once powerful and fearful machine of war now sat in grave silence. It seemed to whisper the sea's mysteries as the wind whistled through decades-old rivets and empty torpedo shells. It groaned and creaked...seeming so displaced there on shore.

It waited in silence. A single pulley, without rope, without function or purpose. Quietly waiting. For what? The Spanish breeze danced across the cracking and crumbling plaster of the old Canarian house, and the single wooden shutter slammed - open, shut, open, shut. And yet, inside the motionless house, that single pulley hung. Motionless. Undisturbed. Waiting.


There are many things I find mysterious. Strange. Puzzling. So many thing beg my attention, and yet stubbornly refuse to yield information or explanation.
Tonight, for the last 9 hours, actually, it's been nothing but debate, debate, debate. Are the nutritional suppliments found in a bar of peanuty-paste really going to help anything? Is sanitary water an achievable goal for India and what about hinuistic religious barriers? Does the U.S. have any business providing humanitarian aid whilst drowning in our own economic recession? What about Kashmir; do we just ignore them? Are microloans a blessing or a blight? Do I sound like enough of a geek yet?

9 hours. And yet, just like many other intriguing monsters the answers remain elusive. Difficult. Complicated. Fascinating. 4 more days, folks. Four short days until it'll all packed up and we leave for San Diego. I absolutly can't wait - and I have to squelch my excitement in order to productive at ALL!

German legend has it that if you spin the golden circlet three times and make a wish, it'll come true. Why a golden orb surrounded by dark iron? How many people have spun that circlet? Did Hitler? Did a Jew, standing in the town square? I guess I'll never know.

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