Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Muddled Musings

Texas was amazing. For all the craziness leading up to it, once there, the whole adventure quieted a bit and turned into a wonderful, exciting rollercoaster of emotions and events. Speeches soared...and bombed. Friends won...and lost. Competitive spirits were satisfied...and crushed. It was thrilling. It was wonderful. I loved nearly every single fantastic minute of it. AAAAAnd, I qualified. That was incredible.

Favorite moment, besides those two glorious surprises at award ceremony, would have to have been flying back to the tournament during debate semis and finals and hoping into the jacuzzi for 20 minutes before changing back into "professionality." Chad, Zack and I raced down the three flights of stairs, stumbled out the door, frantically whizzed around the pool gate and slowly, happily sank into the warm, bubbly, heavenly hot tub. When does that EVER happen at a tournament? Can we say pure bliss? After a long day of IE semis and finals, continual adrenaline rushes, the stresses of friends in Octofinals, and three days of tired feet - it was h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y.

And now, life is returning to normal. "Normal" as in the day-to-day life in preparation for yet another tournament...only 6 days to go.

World Music class this morning. Donated blood for the first time. Decided giving blood is a really neat experience. Apologetics class this afternoon. Speech practice. Late night debate research.

Life is great

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