Thursday, March 26, 2009

Los Ojos

Aren't eyes beautiful? Aren't they mysterious and enchanting?
I have always loved eyes. The first thing I notice in a person are their eyes; those fascinating orbs of color and light.

I love how eyes sparkle. Dance. Laugh. They can cry too. They can speak an entire language, all their own. You can have a whole conversation with someone, and never utter a single word. It's a beautiful reality. Eyes.

My eyes are green; green with a streak of brown in my left. My mom's eyes are blue; a striking, lovely Ryan's. Sara's are like the sea: a soft, yet dangerous grey - they change colors with her mood. And Mark's. Mark's are a deep, rich my Dad's.

You can share in someone's joy through their eyes. Using only your eyes you can silently laugh together. You can sense someone's grief or pain, just by reading their eyes. You can reassure someone...using only your eyes.
I've read lots of eyes this week. Thrilled, joyous eyes full of hope and excitement. Sad, crushed eyes, confused and devastated. Eyes full of tears. Eyes brimming with happiness. Beautiful eyes.
I love eyes. I love the mystery that surrounds them. A sense of quiet secrecy dances within them. I watch people's eyes and I wonder what they're thinking, what thoughts are floating just behind those glistening eyes? I've wanted to know what those eyes are thinking many times this week. I'll never really know. But that's okay.
My own eyes hold my own secrets.

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