Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ever feel like that donkey? No matter what you do, you're still stuck and no matter how hard you kick, you've made no progress? Have you ever felt so weighed down by circumstances so out of your control? Desperate. Hopeless. Overwhelmed?

I'm so sorry!

I don't feel like that at all! At least, not right now.

I memorized two pages of the finally written persuasive, re-worked and re-memorized the original oratory and re-memorized the open interp as well. My brain has turned to mush...but it's an exciting, exhausting, thrilling mush.

After mushifying my cerebellum, I took a much needed dinner break - which included soup, croissants, Animal Planets "Most Extreme Swarms" and a sneak peak at the new Oprah. Yes....I do like and watch Oprah.

But, duty calls. Duty desperately calls and I'm back surrounded by three scripts I'll need to know like the back of my hand in two days. Hmmm, I wonder if this is what college feels like? Exciting, wonderful, exhausting, stressful, addicting and insane. I think I rather like it.

And Houston is supposed to be in the high 70s. That makes all the tedious prep work SO worth it. 79 degrees in a new state with new speeches making new friends at a new tournament learning tons of new things. Does it get much better?

I'm packed. The suitcase is ready. The suits are pressed and all set. The script submission forms are finished. The food is neatly stowed away. The shoes are polished. The Apologetics box waits by the door. My brain is on a vacation in Tahiti. Hotel confirmation numbers have been confirmed and re-confirmed. Airline tickets double checked. Itinerary has been finalized (for the most part). My brain has decided to boycott any new information. The weather has been researched. I officially can't wait!!

Isn't life one big, thrilling roller coster?

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