Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Houston is a mere nine days away. Only seven days remain until Mama and I hop on a plane and fly over half the nation. Seven more days to finalize Apologetics outlines, get suits together, polish that OI, plan out the schedules of three Sacramento-bound siblings, practice that DUO, and finish memorizing that OO. My mind is whirling, twirling....spinning.

And I signed up to do a Humorous Interpretation. Me.

So, amidst re-memorizing my OO (yes, I'd forgotten quite a bit since Concordia) and reworking both interps, I began the fun task of cramming yet another 10 minutes of script and choreographing into my already brimming memory.
11 characters, 5 hours of memorizing and 2 hours of blocking later....I decided it wasn't for me.

Nope. Knowing me, knowing my personality type, I decided that I couldn't pull this HI off like it deserved - not with the limited time I had. Time crunches aren't very conducive to great speeches, sadly. But! All is not lost. Senorita Comica (a.k.a. Sara) is going to adopt the speech and take on the delightful challenge. I'm looking forward to watching her take the speech - she'll do great.
But! My speech moms refused to let my brain get lazy....so now, though I'm still waiting for the NCFCA Board's approval, the plan is to switch the HI to a Pers! We paid for five speeches at Houston, so good golly, if all goes well....I'll still be doing five. Quick! Memorize! Only nine days to go!

So now, I'm back to cramming my brain with a DIFFERENT 10 minutes of script and blocking. Much different, *much* different - my brain feels like an explosive wasteland. Isn't last-minute, Senior-year strategizing fun? It's insane. It's crazy. It's insane. Crazy. INSANE!
And yet, so.much.fun.

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