Friday, February 13, 2009

I Am

Risa Marie
I am 18 and smiling
I wonder about the stars and the sea
I hear the laughter in the rain
I see beyond the superficial
I want to be a medical missionary; a surgeon overseas
I am 18 and smiling

I pretend to know how to cook
I feel the joy of the flowers. The happiness of the breeze
I touch the smoothness of bubbles
I worry about my future
I cry for the lost and hopeless in the world
I am 18 and smiling

I understand that God's grace is incredible
I say that I love life
I dream of making a difference
I try to be real
I hope for adventure
I am 18 and smiling

Thoughtful. Curious. Playful. Mysterious.
First born of Mary and Jim
Sister of Sara, Ryan and Mark
Lover of laughter, beach sand and music
Who feels pain, grief and joy
Who needs God, happiness and a challenge
Who gives encouragement, ideas and amusement
Who enjoys popcorn, 110-degree weather and road trips
Who fears anger, spiders and a cage
Who would like to see a fjord, the pyramids, the Blarney Stone.

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