Monday, December 22, 2008

The special secrets of friendship

I think it's wonderful to have special camaraderie with various people. A special memory you share. A special funny remembrance. A pain you shared together. Something that is important to the two of you, but makes no sense, or simply doesn't matter, to anyone else.
I've started writing little "poems" of these special things. And what I find so neat about them, is that the specific person will know exactly what those seemingly random words refer to!

Five examples for five of my friends (although there are so many more "poems" I could write!):

Dreadlocks. Paella.
Guanche. Black Rocks.

Chaos and order.
Neat disarray.

Gypsies and Chickens.
A sunsety dance.


Strumming in blue.

Cosine, tangent.
Dangerous paper-planes.

Dentures, bifocals.
Kidnappers and syrup.


"Ancient" photos. Friendship revived.
Mrs. Clause invades Starbucks.

Dancing. Flips and twirls.
New Years. Sparkle!

New Zealand. Alaska.
Terschelling then Spain.


Java and Candice.
Mischief in Spanish.

"Purple's majestic"
But blonde is the best.

Community to University.
Just 5 days apart


Cowboys and Indians.
Donkey pen games.

Mud fights. Fist fights.
Africa/China/India/Medieval/Gold Rush!

Gawain. Gwendolena. Fiona and Robin.
Dragons and maypoles. 300 miles.

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