Saturday, December 20, 2008

Broomball and Dalmatians

I've discovered that I really love writing bullet style. So while I may interject with some exciting news that must be written paragraphically - I shall entertain you with my recent history via bullets...'cuz bullets are the new thing.

Yesterday was Freemont's Highschool Youth Group's annual broomball game....on ice. Highlights included:

  • Getting to experience what a Patti-Mobile really is (i.e. 50mph turns on a 25mph sharp turn, shouting directions from the backseat, listening to jazz/rap/Christmas/talk-radio/cellphones/freshmen's chatter/etc...)
  • Arriving at the ghetto ice-rink and FREEZING TO DEATH listening to the rules of the game
  • Discovering how fun it is to be *super* competitive, while swinging hockey sticks and running after a 6" rubber ball, in sneakers, on ice.
  • Flying over Chad after he decides to wipeout inches in front of me. Athletes have been decorated for less-than-epic feats.
  • Getting beaned by hockey sticks in the head and shin (yes, I've got a beautiful sore bruise now) - but I beaned the ball a whole lot harder!!
  • Playing against Sara. Sisterly competition is a blast...and slamming into each other at high speeds with no possible way to slow down is actually kinda fun. (I probably sound like some football addict at this point...)
  • Free hot chocolate and doughnuts afterwards at the church

One of the not-so-fun parts was discovering that running full speed and breathing less-than-32-degree air is NOT good for my lungs....and hence had a full blown asthma attack right in the middle of the game. Competition won, however, and after a couple puffs on my InstaLife (i.e. inhaler) I decided to get right back into the intensity of the game. Well, while my team did win at first, and while the girls did tie, and while we ::nearly:: did win the last game - I suffered one of the worst asthma attacks I've had in years. And it wouldn't.go.away. Instead, my heart began to enjoy the competition and raced at a worrisome 26 beats per 10 seconds.

Sooo, we headed home, sat in front of the blazing, glowing, delicious fire and Sara, Ryan, Mark, Marcel and Chad swapped stories while I concentrated on just breathing. Duo practice was canceled and we watched 101 Dalmatians instead.

I haven't watched that movie in eons!! Goodness, I forget how great those old Disney movies fun!
I found out later I actually slept through half of it though.

  • Got the nicest e-mail I've gotten in a long time
  • Became the official Mrs. Santa Clause for the tea shop and read to 20+ fascinated children

  • Let little girls touch my Mrs. C buttons, hold my gloved hand and touch my hair with quiet awe
  • Answered questions about what Santa does and doesn't like to eat
  • Promptly clarified that Rudolph's nose is NOT red because he got beaten up by Dasher
  • Went to Starbucks with an old, old friend...that I just met
And now I'm basking in the doing of nothing. I'm loving just sitting here by the creaking fireplace, listening to Josh Groban's "Little Drummer Boy" (listen to it! It's wonderful...), admiring our beautiful Christmas Tree, writing to my Spanish friends, and knowing that there's nothing I'm supposed to be doing right now. Relaxation is divine.

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