Monday, November 24, 2008


Interesting how more people vote for American Idol contestants than Congressional Representatives.

Interesting how you can have a homeless persons' makeshift hut on one side of the American river, and a manicured golf course on the other.

Interesting how Christmas music begins the second week of November, yet the actual meaning of Christmas is considered "politically incorrect."

Interesting how we vote to protect chicken's rights, while unborn children are legally murdered.

Interesting how So. Cali is home to palm trees and millionaires, and desperate illegal aliens dying in the desert.

Interesting how we live in the Land of the Free, yet "One Nation Under God" and the Bible are prohibited.

Interesting how we value the Freedom of Speech, yet thou shalt not speak against homosexuality on campus.

Interesting how we consider ourselves a "Christian" nation, yet our top Box Office hits are ones promoting violence, infidelity and immorality.

Interesting that we are "fired up" on Sunday morning, yet forget all about it once we pick up the comics.

Interesting that we worship a God of love, yet we find imperfections in those around us.

Interesting that we find peace in His forgiveness and grace, yet are too judgmental to extend that ourselves.

Interesting that we pray we can be a light, yet when we have the opportunity, are too ashamed or "busy" to shine.


Interesting that we find these examples troubling, yet we do nothing about them.

What are you going to do about it? What am I going to do about it? Simply finding it interesting will definitely not suffice.

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