Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Is it weird when stress can be surprisingly exciting? A little addicting? Have I gone off the collegiate "deep end"? Hmmm.

On a different note, the last couple days have been intense. In a lot of different ways. I've had:
* A hiccup. First paper I've been faced with in a long time where I felt I could barely make coherent sentences. Can I just garble on for pages and pages, throw some multi-syllabic words in there, a couple lofty citations and pretend that makes perfect sense? I felt like a one-year old; madly trying to express ideas which I had no earthly idea how to actually communicate.
* Vicarious drama. From a million different people. Guys and girls. I think I have a sign on my back saying "Please cry on my shoulder. I'd love to hear your melodramatic drama. Really, I have no life, so go ahead and rant." It's a good thing I'm single because the amount of drama I've had to soothe in the last couple days would make Marilyn weary.
* An amazing day. You know how you can have "those days"; bad hair days, wake-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed kind of days? Well, just imagine the exact opposite of that....and that's what I had. Daylight savings gave me an extra hour of sleep, got called in for an interview to be a College Ambassador, practiced Spanish with a new friend, got invited to speak/lecture for one of my classes, learned I don't have to take a math class to study abroad (!!!), AND acquired an entire bottle of nutella. Yes. Amazing day.
* An epiphany. I can make the most kick-ass pumpkin pie you've ever had.
* Intense restlessness. I'm going to be in Sacramento in two days and I'm distracted beyond belief. I keep daydreaming about sac...who woulda thunk?

It's all an adventure. Stressful adventure, but it's all good.

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Mary: said...

How anyone can put so much into a single paragraph, bullets o not, is beyond me. Remember me saying to you that one has to be succinct? Mostly because that's always been my battle. Well, you've certainly mastered the art! Thanks so much for this post!
*rainy day smiles*