Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I love him

I really do.

Or maybe it's just the whole amazing show.

NBC just pulled The Community from it's midseason schedule and I'm officially in grief-mode. This show is my life; not in the sense that I'm obsessed with it and can quote every episode (while that *cough* may *cough* be true), but in the sense that I've personally experienced 90% of the show's situations. Having gone to a real-life community college, I watch this show and think, "that was me!" "I did that!" "Hahahaha, we had a weirdo like that at ARC...". Even the textbook they use in the show was MY textbook at ARC.

I swear, this show was my life. And they cut it. Traumatic.
I should start my own occupy movement. Community college transfer students everywhere would support me. You know they would.

And besides, I miss evil troy and evil aaaaabed.

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Mary: said...

OMG! What I missed! I was laughing until I cried with a couple of these scenes. You post made me Love Him, TOO!!!