Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's 5:40am and I've already been up for three hours. Stayed up way too late working on a paper,crashed, then woke up way too early to pack and get my tired ass to the airport. And now I'm in the airport watching my little plane taxi to the terminal.

- love airports...even at 5:40 in the morning. Everyone here has a story. Everyone's going somewhere. Each terminal is literally a door to another world; you just walk through and fly to somewhere different and new. It's the closest we can get to Narnia or Monsters Inc.

I've never had to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving before. We've always spent the week before Thanksgiving cleaning, decorating, getting the fall boxes down from the attic, ironing the leaf table-cloths, polishing the silverware, setting the tables for dozens of people, and listening to Keith Green. This year it's just me. Thanksgiving is at my tios' home in Paso Robles and I'll be there in just a couple hours. It's going to be so wonderful seeing everyone; cousins, siblings, grandparents, family, and I really can't wait. This year has been intense academically and as much as I miss our Thanksgiving traditions, it's so nice to just hop on a plane and be there. Everything's already done. For thatN I am extremely greatful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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A Circle of Quiet said...

I LOVE airports, especially at 5:40 a.m. That is one of the things I mourn about 9/11 is that we can't get to the gate to greet folks as they come off the plane.

Happy travels, Risa. And have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.