Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 4

I've finally returned home from a long day of classes. My hair is frazzled and my nose is so cold I'm sure it's blue.

My friend made me a big bowl of steaming thai noodles and I've got a hot mug of blackberry-sage tea to warm my hands. Josh Groban is making love to me with his italian opera and I'm pounding out another paper.

Last night's conference on global health and preventative medicine got me excited all over again about why I'm here in the first place. My professor and I sat in giddy happiness debating development theory and comparing NGO work overseas. We're both pretty disgusted with "band-aid" work and she wants me to travel to Honduras with her over spring break to build water infrastructure there.

Got my first paper back...a B. Not too bad considering it was a complete shot in the dark and no-one had any idea what the TA actually wanted to see. Not bad, but not good enough.

College. My life is in bullets. Moments. Class to class. Assignment to assignment. Day by day.
I'm trying to be a sponge.

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