Sunday, July 31, 2011

True Colors - Chaya

I'm gasping for air now inside of these waters
I feel the tide pulling me so far down
I thought maybe someday I'd have it together
But I learned the hard way never to trust myself
I look picture perfect till I let my hair down
And then you will see how far I've gone away.

Well maybe disaster is all that describes me,
But my mama told me your hope is never out of reach
So I'm reaching out
Lord I need you know
Cause lately I stick to the small talk and breathe conversation
So none of my colors ever will slip out.

Cause God forbid they see its hard enough for me
Just knowing that you see everything
Yet you love me
True colors and all

Cause you died for me
In spite of me
And you know this pain that comes along with loving me
And all my flaws cannot erase a love like this
Well I'm only happy when I know you're with me
What makes it so hard to get this through my head?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

[..]through my head?

Cause I've never felt your love like this
To wait on you is better than a kiss
And the finest one cannot compare to the way I feel just knowing that you're there
I know you're there

And this pain I've had is worth it all
Cause without the pain I wonder if I would know you at all
So it's worth it all