Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday morning

The toaster is ticking away and the eggs are crackling on the stovetop. Jesse Cook is serenading me with a South American, rhumba version of Simon and Garfunkle's "Cecilia" and it makes me want to dance. I'm making eggs benedict for the fourth morning in a row. I feel like Remy when I muse about the delicious way the smoked gouda, toasted english muffin, and the eggs I collected this morning combine to create a delectable breakfast.

School is out and this Friday morning is perfect. In every way.
The house is silent; empty except for my quiet, barefoot pattering. The sunshine is warm and beckons me outside...what a treat after days of grey skies and cold rain. My book came in from the library, "Ways of War and Peace: Realism, Liberalism, and Socialism" and I can't wait to dive into its pages. I've decided this summer will be an experiment in voracious reading - there's so much I wish I knew. I'm trying not to feel incredibly intimidated by the level of academic thought and intellectualism at UCSD...I want to catch myself up on a variety of issues before I go in September. And besides, this kind of reading is *fascinating*, so it's really an exciting "assignment" for myself.

And to top everything off, my new longboard is scheduled to arrive today! I'm on pins and needles waiting for that beautiful, brown and gold UPS truck to pull up to my door and deliver my package. Any moment now!

Yes. Today is so very beautiful.

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