Monday, January 10, 2011

Going Home

Ruben went home yesterday.

I hate goodbyes. Goodbyes are the worst.

We went to San Francisco early and went to our special, secret park. We climbed ropes, slid down slides and laughed. Complete denial.

My cousin Bryce came with us to the city. The six of us enjoyed every second.

The park has a beautiful, sweeping view of the bay and airport. We romped while airplanes soared away. Metallic birds.

We looked at the airport wishing 3:50 would never come. Of course, Ruben will be glad to see his family and friends...I would be too, and always am when I return home. Yet, we just stood in silence; watching the planes. Watching them fly far away.

We’ve had so much fun. Card games, skiing, movies galore, scare-tactics, pranking, lazer-tagging, paint-balling, exploring, driving, shopping, laughing. We’re so weird.

I guess that’s how it goes with really good friends who live far away.

They’re the best.


Terheugen 11 said...

You're the best. Thanks.
PS: Cool sunnies...

Risa said...

Aren’t they cool? We decided our sunglasses were so great we needed a sunglasses picture. :)