Thursday, April 8, 2010

Work Out

After a long day at school, I escaped to the gym for an hour of painful bliss.
It's odd. Since when is burning pain a welcomed feeling? But being there, Journey and Boston blasting, lifting weights (I added more tonight...felt so proud of myself) and doing an extra set of push-ups, was a perfect wind-down.

My muscles screamed and burned. My arms shook and turned to jelly. I did so many crunches I couldn't breathe. OWWW!! And all the while, Boston taunted me; "more than a feeling...". Yeah,'s definitely more than a feeling...can we say death?

Yet, it feels so good.
Sometimes you have to grit your teeth and work through the pain. Even when it's really, really intense. You grab that bar, you add those weights, you push it up, you shake and tremble, and you grow strong. Your muscles tear, they scream, they cry. But then they grow and change and strengthen. It's painful, but empowering. Healthy.

I think it's a good life lesson.


ALEX said...

I agree with you ... I Laugh three times a week to the gym and well ... you try ... and some days, when you get home, I weigh the arms .. abs are sore and sim though, you feel good, very good and satisfied with the work you've done.
They say that sport is health and so is and should be ... the Roman saying: "Mens sana y corpore sano" bone: a healthy mind in a healthy body .... we need a healthy mind in a healthy body .
Greetings and kisses.

Mary: said...

Oh really, Pump at 7:30 Saturday morning? Are you crazy? Do you think I am? Yes, you're probably right! Hahaha
Loving the Feeling!

Risa said...

heh heh...7:15 actually. :) Yes, you're crazy...for not wanting to go with me!! no, it's okay actually. i got to sleep in today, and have a lot to do tomorrow, so an early morning would do me good. you should come. *nudgenudge* ;)

Mary: said...

Jajajaj - yo me vesti y estaba a la puerta cuando y me dejaste plantada! Dormilona! Jajajaj!