Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Silver Lining

It's raining again in Sacramento.
Yesterday boasted gloriously warm weather in the low 70s and a cheerful breeze which tickled the hundreds of newly budded leaves. Today, however, the wind decided to turn icy and the happy rays of sunlight were replaced with a curtain of drizzling rain. I think Weather forgot to take her bipolar meds.

Even now, the rain continues to fall and the wind makes the plucky little chime outside my window sing. I sit inside, pouding out the homework, and prepping for next years MUN!! I'm incredibly excited about next year, and there's a possibility I'll actually be the club president. Now wouldn't *that* be dandy?

Our theme has already been decided: Urbanization, Migration & Forced Displacement. We'll be debating and addressing issues such as the trafficking of women & children, sustainable development, and the protection of migrant worker's rights. It's going to be fascinating and at present, we need to decided on strategic countries to represent. The best candidates so far are looking like France and Brazil, so I've been researching them in order to ascertain which committees they're part of. So far so good...they both look promising.

The sky is cloudy, but oh, the horizon looks bright.

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Mary: said...

Just like Paradise and Dreams,
"The rain falls down, but the sun still shines."