Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Concordia Challenge

Irvine's weather is divine in January. I look out the hotel window at the palm trees, their huge leaves gently litling in the warm Southern California breeze. The air is warm and much more humid than Sacramento, which I relish with each passing moment. I love humidity. I love that sticky, warm feeling. That instant heat when you open the front door. Mmm. Yes.

Well, for the, what? 4th year in a row? (I don't remember right now) I'm back in Irvine for the Concordia Speech and Debate tournment. It's so wonderful being back, but this year the pre-tournament feelings are completely, and nostalgicly (is that even a word?) different. I'll be judging this year, since my S&D years are over. I *can't wait* to judge - and I've been looking forward to my first tournament as a judge for months now. It feels so wierd, though, to not be memorizing speeches right now, or frantically doing last-minute debate research. I have no suits hanging in the closet. No nylons. No heels. No debate bags or script submissions. Ahhh! It's so wierd and I miss it all SO much.

And yet, I get to judge! Me. Risa. Wow. Now *that's* pretty darn awesome. I can't wait to go up to the judging table and get my ballots. I can't wait to walk to the rooms holding those "papers of power." The status that comes from judging. The delicious feeling of holding the competitors' fate in my hands. Ooo, how often I'd glance at the alumni judges out of the corner of my eye and silently wish I was among their ranks. And now I am! Yes.

I can't wait to judge the events I loved. I'm really hoping to judge a final round in one of "my" events. Expos, maybe? Apologetics? Duo? We'll see.

The tournament starts in full tomorrow.


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