Monday, December 28, 2009

The Great Room Makeover III

It's kind of a crazy idea.
And the timing couldn't have been more ridiculous or inconvenient.

But Sara and I decided that over Christmas Break, we'd do a complete overhaul of our fish-themed bedroom and using Sara's newly acquired interior design skills, create a snazzy students' haven. And so, on Christmas Eve, we began organizing 4 years worth of GB books, old debate binders still full of flows/ballots/sticky-notes/memories, trophies, pictures, and just plain old STUFF with the goal of cleaning up and cleaning out most of it. Christmas Eve!!
Yesterday we worked on boxing up everything, donating tons of stuff to Salvation Army and getting some of the wallpaper off. Today, we pulled all the wallpaper off, got exercise for the week trying to scrub the gooey/sticky wallpaper-residue off the walls, unscrewed three mirrors, shoved a bookshelf into the livingroom and pushed the desks into the center of the room.
As of 12:48am, the baseboards have been taped, all traces of wallpaper are gone (finally, thank God!), Pfeffernusses have been consumed, the walls are scrubbed and ready to be primed, the rest of the house is full of bits and pieces of our room...and, well, we're excitedly exhausted. Oof.

Say goodbye to the ocean-y walls, my friends!


Jennifer said...

Good luck on the finishing touches! You have to post an update when you're done!

Juliet SN said...

Ooh, fun! I love the pictures :)