Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Haiku: Express the Complicated

Haikus have a simple beauty to them. Tonight, with a hundred emotions and thoughts racing through my mind, I'm going to Haiku. Snippits of my mind captured in organized poetry.


Fillmore Concert Hall.
San Franscisco awesomeness.
Airborne Toxic Event.

Singing. Dancing.
Pictures on my cell-phone.
Incredible night.

3 hours of sleep.
Statistics midterm.

Afternoon counseling.
Conflict and tears over "trust."
Trust is so risky.

Choir at Fremont.
Sweet voices singing Hayden.
Therapy in song.

Prepping for Friday.
Wisdom teeth surgery. Yuck.
Drugs and looming pain.

Late night reflections.
Thinking and writing and prayer.
Quiet before God.

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