Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bedtime Mornings

I am sitting in bed, listening to the hum of my neighbor mowing his lawn and the sounds of little boy-scouts running in the hallway outside my closed door. There was some sort of patrol meeting at my house this morning at nine, hence dozens of little uniformed kiddos descended on our sleepy home bringing much laughter, piano playing, dog-chasing, running, yelling and the like.

I am sitting in bed, texting with a dear friend who is home for Thanksgiving, planning out a time when we could go get coffee and catch up. She's precious and has been away at college for a semester too long. I can't wait to see her again.

I am sitting in bed, pontificating about the world, life, friends, future, college. One's bed is a magnificent place to sit and think. You can lay under the warn, cozy sheets, curl up with your little stuffed animal, and think. And think. And think. There's a lot to think about in the 21st century...and lying in bed, tackling the issues of the world, is quite wonderful.

I am sitting in bed, and discovered a little piece of chocolate waiting for me this morning. Oh, how divine! What a *perfect* way to start the morning. So yes, I'm being the utterly, absolutely, 100% unhealthy college student and am eating chocolate for breakfast. And I'm loving every delicious moment of it.

I am sitting in bed, but the day is calling and I need to get up.
I'm going to get out of bed.

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Mary: said...

I WONDERED whaqt you were doing all those hours in your room - a quite enlightening post :-)