Saturday, November 28, 2009

God's laughter...

God has a funny sense of humor.
I've heard that phrase many times. It's almost cliche actually.

And yet, God really does make me smile in gratitude sometimes. Especially recently. He has continued to surprise me, chide me, stretch me, mold me, throw curveballs at me, hold me, protect me, and most of all, love me. His ways are so incredibly mysterious and perfect - I'm left rather speechless.

The night before Thanksgiving I had a complete melt-down. 1:30am found me sobbing on the front couch; hot tears of anger, frustration and betrayal sliding down my face. It was the eve of the day-to-give-thanks and all I felt was hurt. Confusion. Loneliness. Pain.
I was so upset. 'Why, God? Why? Oh Lord, show me love. Show me there can be love in all this. Please.' I listened to a mother's wise counsel that night, cried on her shoulder, shared in her pain - and then, finally, around 2:00, crawled into bed.
Not 45 minutes later, a group of stealthy friends snuck into our front yard armed with rolls and rolls of toilet paper and proceeded to mummify our bushes and trees. It was a small and silly prank, but that simple act spoke volumes the next morning when I woke up to a white, blanketed world out front. The rolls of TP wound 'round and 'round the trees whispered of friendship and the soggy paper cris-crossing the wet grass simply oozed their acceptance no-matter-what. While I was lying in bed, angry tears rolling down my face, my friends were outside silently flinging toilet paper and creating a web of white happiness.
That simple gesture of vandalistic friendship quieted my conflicted heart as I'm pretty sure no TP-job has anyone. I mean, since when has getting TPed been a comfort?
Like I said, God has a funny sense of humor.

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