Sunday, July 19, 2009

Escape to the river

I was supposed to work tonight.

I was supposed to spend my hours from 5:00-9:00 tonight cleaning orange-juice machines, restocking frozen fruit and styrofoam cups, moping floors and getting Jamba for the next busy day.

But instead, I found a dear soul to cover my shift tonight and my 7 "siblings", dad and I headed out to the American River for a day rafting. How absolutely awesome and summerish. :D

Blanca and I dipped our toes in the freezing water while the boys and Sara did kamikaze jumps off the high clay bluffs. Splash! Sparkling beads of water flew like liquid diamonds, landing on the hot rubber raft where they evaporated instantly. The current was strong and we only had to paddle a couple times. We braved the rapids, decided we didn't experience the rush to the fullest, hauled the heavy raft out of the water and portaged back a few hundred yards so we could give those rapids a second run. Splash! Water! Shrieks! Laughter! Innocent, summer happiness.

It's amazing how glorious life can be with just a raft, good friends and God's creation. Add some irresistible water and some spunky personalities and you're set for one amazing adventure.

Yeah, I was supposed to work tonight. ::grins::

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