Monday, July 27, 2009

Escape to Huntington Beach

It's a quicky post tonight...
  • I'm in Huntington Beach
  • For a week (:D)
  • If you hold very still and don't breathe, you can hear the crash of the waves 8 blocks away
  • We arrived just in time for the 2009 US Open Surf Tournament!!
  • Two days of intense surfing. The final rounds were i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e
  • I pushed and shoved with all the other reporters and stood 3ft away from the champion surfer of the women's division
  • Another champion surfer made little, flirty jokes about my name
  • Tomorrow we're going surfing
  • Tomorrow I'm going to hang at the beach with my dear amiga; Juliet.
  • Today I had a run-in with a very _____ policeman who was furious and rolled his snotty little eyes at me. Hmph. Don't worry, no tickets my friends. And don't worry, I still respect policemen...
  • Got dazzling blue sunglasses (kinda like yours, Rex, and from the same place!)
  • Got so burned my shoulders started to turn purple. Thank God for aloe.
  • Watched 'The Great Debaters' last night and had a sudden, painful craving for debate
  • Beginning to let go. Beginning to heal.
  • Wrote some poetry. It's therapeutic; poetry.
  • Learned to play smashball and spent a whole day at the beach...well...smashing balls
  • Learned a new song on the guitar
  • Stayed up 'till midnight playing said guitar and teaching/singing praisesongs to Blanca
  • Singing hymns, in rounds, in English and Spanish, is magical.
  • Discovered my overseas "siblings" ADORE blonde jokes. Needless to say, I laughed 'till I couldn't breathe tonight at their delighted howls of laughter.
  • Learned the lyrics to 'Disturbia'
  • Waded out into the crashing waves beneath the Huntington Beach pier and threw my worries and anger into the sea. Breathed in the fresh salt air and basked in God's grace.

That's all I have time for tonight. It's disjointed, I know, and I'm sorry. When I find a wireless hub I'll put on a couple pictures...but for now, goodnight. :)

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