Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speech turned Challenge

Over 230 years ago, our Founding Fathers wrote the words "One Nation Under God" into our Declaration of Independence, yet today, those very words are considered politically incorrect and may one day be removed from our public buildings, our currencies and our educational institutions. A house built on a rock stands firm, and a nation built on The Rock can withstand many trials. But when society begins to erode the very foundation upon which it stands - and when they constinue to do so - there is reason for concern.

Right now, today, our culture has:
Promoted the killing of babies every day. 27 children die every minute,
Actively supported uthanasia and physician-assisted-suicide,
and voted to legalize and protect same-sex marriage.

In her song, "The Better Angels of Our Nature," Susan Ashton recognizes the growing crisis we're facing. She sings, "'Cause we're tossed in the gale of a moral decline. As we drink from the grail of society's wine..." And yet, where are the Christians? There has never been a time when Christians have had so many available resources as now. There has never been a time in history when Christians have had so much money not required for daily survival. So much information that supports the Christian perspective (astrophysics strongly supports creation, medical science is powerfully pro-life). We have so much technology--like the internet--that makes it possible to spread the good news so far.

Yet with all these advantages that were unknown to earlier Christians, we, the modern-day followers of Christ, apparently have diminishing impact. As Philip G. Ney stated, "Christians seem to be losing on all fronts. There are more abortions, homosexual marriages, violent movies, pornography in homes, etc. With few exceptions, modern Christians have little influence on their culture, the laws of their land, the thinking that governs people's actions and the discoveries that illustrate Christ."

Our Savior died on a rough-hewn cross and rose again (Hello!! Amazingness right there!), yet many who claim His name find their iPods more real and the music within them more comforting.

What are you going to do about that? You can't just recognize the problem and yet remain unmoved! I am challenging you to grab hold of a more exciting option than the one portrayed as normal in society today. For us teens, we are equipped with the tools to challenge our culture. Our schooling, our training, our experiences, have all prepared us to face and tackle society's moral decline.

Psalm 127:4 says children are "like arrows in the hands of a warrior...". WE are the straight arrows. We've been primed. We've been prepared for this very moment. There was never a time when Christians have had so many resources at our fingertips...and yet, it seems we're losing ground. It may sound cliche, but if there's going to be any change, we have to make it happen. We must take our education, our faith, our training, and invade our plummeting culture.

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