Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello Goodbye

It's 2009 now.

I'm sure that's supposed to mean something, be quite significant somehow. But other than having to remember to write "09" instead of "08"...the new year has arrived without much excitement or panaaz. New Years eve was fun and laughter-filled, though. Thank heaven for friends to goof off with.

I have officially:
- Quit my job at the tea shop ( ::pause for a moment of nostalgia:: FREEDOM!!!!!)
- Polished a duo. Written an OO. Scripted an OI. And now have hours of memorizing looming ahead of my very near future.
- Realized the full extent of debate research needing to be done. Ironic that the full weight of this realization comes at 1:15 in the morning....hmm, I'll grab some pop-tarts, chocolate and hit the bed for some late night research.
- Fallen in love. Again. With my gates. My gorgeous, wooden, solid, Mongolian gates. They're beautiful and I have to pinch myself every time I see them!
- Gotten a haircut that may have been a mistake.
- Decided I love extreme-ish sports. Surfing, skiing, hang-gliding, waterboarding....I'm likin' it people. Maybe 2009 will hold some sportsy awesomeness....
- Decided it's high time to stop blogging and actually work on the speech sitting next to me. By my elbow. Right *there*. Glaring at me. "Cuuuuuuuuut meeeeeeeeee".

My "tribute" to 2008 has ended with a lame blam. 2008 was thrilling. Wonderful. Heart wrenching.

Goodbye 2008. Hello you beautiful 2009!

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