Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Joys of Gardening

Although there was so much to do today, so much school work, so much speech, so many errands...we escaped to the backyard for a bit of weeding and winter yardwork.

The winter sun was glorious today. Before the plants decide to take advantage of the warmth and sprout and bud, we ran out with clippers and gloves to prune, weed and ready our yard for Spring.

It feels so wonderful to work in the yard. To get dirt under your nails and on your face. To smell the earth. To listen to the earthworms tunneling underground. It's so refreshing, so exhilarating in a strange, quiet way.

We weeded the rosegarden. Pruned our climbing rockrose. Trimmed back the thyme in the herb-garden. Re-discovered stepping stones from 1986 and unearthed them. Wrestled in the dirt. Listened to the birds. Talked to the chickens. Wheeled around the wheelbarrow full of leaves, rose-bush-branches, dirt, and herbs. Laughed. Enjoyed the sun. Hummed.

I keep being reminded of how wonderful life is. Whenever it all seems so overwhelming - just go weed the garden a bit. Creation just oozes the magnificence and awesomeness of the Creator.

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