Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blacklight Party

Tour guiding isn't just an amazing job, it's an amazing group of tight-knit friends. I've known some of these people for nearly three years now and we've shared so many happy, crazy memories.

From 5am pancake breakfasts at Denny's before Triton Day, dressing up as super-heros and sharks, feasting on ethnic food before calling newly admitted freshmen, and flash mob dances on Library Walk...this group is random and spontaneous and down for any adventure that comes our way. We're paid to be cheerful, upbeat, happy and what happens is a dynamic group of incredible friends.

And last night was our first black-light party. The requirement to come was that you had to glow, so we had neon shirts, glow sticks, body paint and highlighters to make the night as colorful as possible. I love these people.

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