Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunshine's kiss

The weather has been in the high-70s all weekend and today's sunshine was particularly delicious. Warm and sweet, it kissed the shoulders of all who stopped to enjoy it. The sun makes a rather delightful lover. 

I spent the morning looking at apartments for next fall with a friend (and soon-to-be roommate). We explored rooms, mused over prices, and compared walking distance to the nearest coffee shops and yoga studios. The place we looked at this morning appears to be a good fit; strategic windows for afternoon sun, all single bedrooms, and a little patio I'm already planning to fill with hanging flowers and tomato plants. The walls are high and white, perfect for photographs and tea-lights. I'm imagining soft color and flowers in indigo vases.

This week has been long, emotional, challenging, and full of endless people. I love people, but this morning I felt drained and socially exhausted. So after apartment hunting and roommate-meeting, I took myself on a date and drove to the highest point in San Diego where you can still see the ocean. Mt. Soledad is high, windswept, and covered in blooming ice-plant. High above the world, you can watch the sea crash mightily upon the shore in absolute silence. I sat in the sunshine's warm embrace and let the wind tease my curls in every direction. It whispered encouragement to my soul, affirmation for my restless heart, and offered invisible hugs for my tired body. I think I'm having a therapeutic affair with sunshine.

Now I'm back among my books, papers, sticky-notes, and list of "to-dos". The chapter for the book we're publishing is due in a few short weeks, and our team is furiously working on our opus section by section. We want to publish our findings in a scholarly journal as well, so we're claiming some independence in our methods - exciting and arduous at the same time. A midterm looms and a paper needs to be written, so I ordered an iced-coffee with extra espresso an a salad to keep me going for days. It's back to the daily grind, but my shoulders still feel the sunshine's kiss.

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