Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This quarter is quickly becoming fascinating. I'm spending every waking moment reading, highlighting articles, and combing the library for literature on an intriguing combination of topics including:

1. The affect of restrictionist border policy on the sexual health of Mexican migrants and ruralization of HIV.
2. How oppressive conditions under the Pinochet regime gave rise to the mobilization and greater political activism of Chilean women in the post-Cold War era.
3. Violence against refugee women: sexual assault and gender based violence in refugee camps.

Super interesting. Super challenging. I'd love to pursue any of these in years down the road. This is why upper-division research is awesome. Go to college kids.


brandy said...

Have you seen Jonathan Torgovnik's documentary series on Rwanda rape victims?

Risa said...

Yes! I found his series last year when I was researching Rwanda for a different class. It's a powerful collection.