Monday, February 18, 2013

Night Raptures

"Millions of people around the world report awakening around 3am for no reason. For many, it is a frustrating interruption in an otherwise restful sleep. But what if you could learn to release resistance to these mysterious awakenings? What if the night has secrets to whisper to you?"

There were words waltzing around in my mind tonight. As I focused on finishing a website, transcribing an emotional interview from Tlacuitapa, or sending the last few emails of the day, phrases and words kept surprising me with unexpected intensity. It was as if my thoughts had turned to neon signs only my mind's eye could read. Sharp, yet elegant; they exposed a subconscious that was busy pondering mysterious things. And yet, I'm here now, ready to finally listen to the secrets my mind has been whispering...but it's fallen silent. The whisps of words have vanished for now, waiting for another late night to taunt me. 

"Sometimes difficult to explain, these experiences are like catching glimpses into the perfection of everything. For those brief moments when the ego is retired from guard, we are given sudden access to the allness - a pure and sensual passion for everything just as it is. Like a giant parade, organized in its chaos, in which every last one of us is celebrating this gift of being alive." - Rumi.

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Enrique Soto said...

A veces está claro que la noche o el sueño son el mejor lugar para que la mente inconsciente realice su trabajo y sabemos que lo ha hecho porque al despertar sabemos por fin la solución a algo que teníamos sin resolver.
El dicho popular habla de "consultar con la almohada" las decisiones importantes.
Un abrazo